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Leaders in Contents & Event Management
The Science Alert’s content solutions help the 6 largest publishers in the Asia unlock new revenue opportunities in a rapidly evolving digital- and mobile-centric marketplace.

With world-class capabilities in digital content production, publishing, distribution, and technology development, Science Alert specializes in optimizing your content supply chain. We take the source content from any format and transform it for distribution through any medium – from eReaders and smart phones, to tablets, PCs, Web and print.

Science Alert combines its deep domain expertise from over 10 years of partnering with publishers, with its innovative technologies to produce and deliver content to readers how and where they want it, while giving publishers enhanced agility and new digital products.

Our onshore/offshore team of 3,600 professionals designs and deploys solutions that achieve highly efficient, low-cost digital content production for the multi-channel publishing of books, journals, educational, and corporate content through both traditional and new digital distribution channels.

Covering the following core areas, our capabilities enable enterprises to affordably create, capture, convert, enrich, publish, monetize and manage their content assets:

  • Publishing Services
  • Editorial Services
  • Event Management
  • Distribution Services

Distribution Services
Creating and cultivating distribution strategies as the supply chain continually reinvents itself is no easy task. Science Alert Publishing Services combines the power of Science Alert’s infrastructure and adds a sales and marketing component to give your titles specialized attention and the broadest possible access to customers around the world.

Featured Services

Publishing Services
Transforming Contents for You

Science Alert provides publishing services to some large publishers in the Asia, and to enterprises of all sizes. For more than 10 years we have...

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Editorial Services
Maximize the Quality, Effectiveness, and Profitability

With more than 2.600 globally deployed professionals and over 10 years of experience, Science Alert�s proven approach to outsourcing...

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Event Management
Leaders in Conference & Event Management

Science Alert is a dynamic conference, event and communication management company. We offer services to organize international events to...

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